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22 Years.

The Lisbon Design and Fashion Museum (MUDE) is holding 22 Years of Design at Faculty of Architecture - University of Lisbon Exhibition by Marco Rocha & Mário Matos Ribeiro, providing a deconstructive context of the creative process -- set with suspended cage-like frames, fabric fringed lighting, suit lining, glowing white palettes, in which to consider student fashion, products, and graphics, the exhibition highlights 22 years of design education at FA-UL. Check it out!


Writer's Retreat.

Everytime I hear the words "Writer's retreat" I start to dream. I mean, who wouldn't? Check out Weston, Surman & Dean and their version. The company was asked to build a studio that reflected their client's passion for children's literature and mythology. Called The Writer's Shed, it's also one of twenty-four projects shortlisted for the AJ Small Projects Award 2014. See more here.


Grocery Shopping.

So this isn't going to be about Chanel's Fall RTW 2014 collection -- all the sportswear, lace-ups, greys and what have you -- but more so the idea behind the set-up itself. It's what everyone's talking about, the almost over-the-top, overbranded supermarket set that is more cool, cheeky, and slightly bizarre for the more traditional Paris Fashion Week followers. You can check out some of NYLON's slideshow here or at T Magazine here.


Living Walls.

MaPharmacie, a Parisian pharmacy designed by José Lévy, in the Bastille uses green walls of medicinal plants within their store. Check it out!


The Number Six.

Italian firm, Building Engineering, has given new life to Palazzo Valperga Galleani in Turin, transforming it into a contemporary apartment block. The restoration project inteded to refunctionalize the building, despite the loss of its original residential aim within the last century. You can read more about the project here.