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Killer Ants.

Sculptor Rafael Gómezbarros has brought his swarm of giant ants to public buildings of his native Columbia since 2007. The public installation called “Casa Tomada”, meaning seized house, represent the amount of people displaced due to war and strife. The ants are spread aggressively over the colonial façades of government structures and each of the 1,300 ants are over two feet and made of fiberglass resin, fabric, and branches. Check out the photos here!


All the Ice Cream.

We're obsessed with Austrian shop, Eisdieler Ice Cream Parlor. Featuring flavors such as “Bourbon Vanilla” and “Latte Machiatto”, the parlor décor was created by architecture and design firm March Gut and incorporates a monochromatic theme to contrast the ornate images from Erwin Rachbauer hang around the parlor. Check it out!



PKMN Architects & Taller de Casqueria's public art collaboration Hypertube is part of an initiative in Madrid to improve the urban landscape in lower income neighborhoods. The structure is made up of six precast reinforced concrete tubes two meters in diameter and two and a half meters in length. Check it out!


Sensing Spaces.

A new exhibition in London's Royal Academy of Arts explores architecture from the human angle, encouraging viewers to go beyond the practical elements and functionality of each space. Check it out!


The Illuminati Ball.

As one of the wealthiest families in the world, The Rothschilds were known for their wild soirees and costume parties with only the most famous guests in attendance. Rarely have any photos surfaced, but recently a few have been released. Check out a few from the Surreal Face themed party at the Chateau de Ferrieres, where their famous guests, including Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn, were asked to wear "black tie, long dresses and surrealists heads" by Baron Guy De Rothschild and his wife Marie-Helene