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We learn a lot of things from our mothers - how to cook, how to obsess, and how to navigate through a variety of choices and changes.

One of the habits that we've seemingly picked up (and as a result, we'd like to take the time to say thanks, Mom) is our love of flowers. It's not just a holiday thing, where we're predisposed to receiving some kind of rose with a box of supposedly-chewy chocolates. We're talking flowers, from tulips to lilies to Gerbera daisies to sunflowers - flowers that when they're put into a vase or are simply sighted in a small garden, they make you stop and look.

Now, we understand that with the wet and the wintry, flowers and fresh flowers, are some that goes against the grain for a variety of reasons. Some flowers are harder to find. Do you really want two dozen red roses before Valentine's day? It's not Christmas anymore, so poinsettias are really a major judgment call.

But when you do find flowers, fresh flowers at that, it's a great trick for adding a little life into the room. Whatever your preference maybe, that small (or large) splash of color that the flowers bring is something that almost instantly brightens the room. You can also get creative with how you put them into a room. Have an old wine bottle? Do you really use that extra glass pitcher? All it takes is that small initiative. So, yes, thanks Mom.



Running until April 4 at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Design USA celebrates all the accomplishments of the winners honored during the first ten years of the prestigious National Design Awards. It features outstanding contemporary achievements in American architecture, landscape design, interior design, product design, communication design, corporate design, interaction design, and fashion. Visit the museum for more information or, if you're even more curious, visit the exhibit site or read up in this great New York Times article in the Art Review.



Artist to watch! First off all, there's nothing like a catchy song. Second of all, there's nothing like a catchy song to remind you of much, much warmer times in the middle of a cold and wet January. Maluca performed at last year's SXSW and subsequently was a big hit. So far the only music out is a brilliant 12" (which you can get on iTunes) featuring the likes of remixes from Feadz, Gant Man, Nguzu Nguzu & Toadally Krossed Out. Check out her myspace.



By Tangle Creations, the Infinity furniture and lighting collection is based on the Tibetan Infinite Knot. The Buddhist symbol, also called the Endless or Eternal knot, has no beginning and no end. Infinity design collection pieces entitled Art, Sky and Sun, the latter being a globular light fixture.



There's nothing quite like the perfect bookcase. Big or small, it's that personalized addition to a room or a space; the part where it's not only a reflection of yourself, but a place where people are inevitably curious - let's face it, you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read.

So readers, this is the Bookwave. And Bookwave? These are the readers. It’s a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf, functional with variety. The soft soul of the fabric provides all these functions it can expand to any size. It's a bit high in price, but it does show us that shelving comes with a variety of uses - uses that can be used at home or even a commercial space.

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