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About Us

phi (f-eye) is inherently a belief in the love of design and wisdom. It is a journey of intuition, perception, renewal and reform.

phi appears throughout life and the universe. Some believe that it is the most efficient outcome, the result of natural forces. Some believe it is a universal constant of design, the signature of higher being.

Whatever you may believe, the pervasive appearance of phi in all that we see and experience creates a sense of balance, harmony and beauty in nature. It is no surprise then that mankind would use this same proportion found in nature to achieve balance, harmony and beauty in its own creations of art, architecture, colors, design, composition, space and even music.

Ideas are powerful. Innovation is always key. Our creative spirit empowers us for limitless capacity and growth. We at PHIDESIGNGROUP believe that our job is to utilize and embody these components as a measure of excellence in all the work we do. We have created an environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance, and passion adhering to the highest principles in artistic expression, product design and service in order to transform an unparalleled vision for our clients in all avenues of their lives.



PHIDESIGNGROUP is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to creating transformative design solutions for our clients’ needs and business goals.  Our clients include everyone – individuals, non-profits and businesses, their distinction is a commitment to excellence in performance and in design. We create custom and functional solutions and installations, showcasing our philosophy and passion for artistic expression, design, and service.  There are three steps in our trademarked process – DESIGN, TRANFORM + EXECUTE, EVALUATE. We aim to "translate your creative DNA" by utilizing a pioneering methodology engineered with the 5 human senses - TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL, SIGHT and SOUND. We will employ a "sixth sense" filter to develop a tailored design experience for clients based on their brand and business goals. In other words, your brand is our sixth sense.


Using our distinct and immeasurable resources, we shape a creative vision that meets our clients’ goals and objectives in all areas of design: commercial and residential interior design and space planning, wedding, event design and production, and styling.


At PHIDESIGNGROUP, our exceptional team of stylists, designers, consultants and vendors all combine their expertise to execute our design plan. In addition, we are proud to have amassed a secondary collective of talented vendors, partners and muses. We are a full-service firm that has comprehensive and well-vetted resources, utilizing all creative disciplines to inspire our work.


We employ an extensive evaluation process, allowing for complete transparency for clients to assess the success and satisfaction of our work.